Do Pots Affect a Guitar’s Sound?

Usually when we don't like the way a guitar sounds, the first place we look is the pickups. After all, there are so many aftermarket pickups to choose from. They promise to make our guitars sound brighter, warmer, louder, or replicate the sound of a particular decade. The pickups translate the string vibration into electrical … Continue reading Do Pots Affect a Guitar’s Sound?

Are American-Made Electric Guitars Better?

A common argument on guitar forums all across the web revolves around American electric guitars. Are they really better than guitars made in other countries? Usually there are a few soapbox standers with a favorite Squier or Epiphone that proves Asian-made guitars are superior. The truth is that American guitars are better … but not … Continue reading Are American-Made Electric Guitars Better?

Are G&L Guitars Good?

There are so many boutique Fender-style guitars and basses around, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what each brand has to offer. Compared with production-line Fender guitars, boutique guitar builders like Anderson Guitarworks, Suhr, Friedman, and James Tyler all offer superior build quality and attention to detail. That's assuming you've already … Continue reading Are G&L Guitars Good?

What’s Special About a Fender Jazzmaster?

The Fender Jazzmaster is one of the most misunderstood instruments Leo Fender ever devised. I love my Jazzmaster because I've taken the time to learn how to adjust and maintain it properly. The average guitar tech—with good intentions—will treat a Jazzmaster like any other Fender. This can turn an otherwise great instrument into a dud. … Continue reading What’s Special About a Fender Jazzmaster?

What Causes a Guitar To Go Out of Tune?

Staying in tune is one of the most basic expectations we have for a guitar. It can be incredibly frustrating when a guitar can't even get that right. There are two main reasons a guitar goes out of tune: Friction and temperature. Either the string is slipping(not enough friction), binding (too much fiction), or the … Continue reading What Causes a Guitar To Go Out of Tune?