Should You Practice the Chromatic Scale?

The chromatic scale is kind of strange. We call it a "scale" but anyone who uses it like a typical scale is going to be labeled "avant garde." The chromatic scale is essentially the musical alphabet. It's no more muscial than the regular alphabet is literary. Chromaticism can be used to connect notes within a … Continue reading Should You Practice the Chromatic Scale?

Are TrueFire Courses Worth It?

When I first started playing guitar in the late '90s there weren't a lot of options for guitar instruction. If I wanted to learn something, these were my options: Figure it out myselfFind someone to teach meBuy a disorganized, hard-to-read book with confusing diagramsBuy a video that looked like it was shot in someone's basement … Continue reading Are TrueFire Courses Worth It?

What Causes a Guitar To Go Out of Tune?

Staying in tune is one of the most basic expectations we have for a guitar. It can be incredibly frustrating when a guitar can't even get that right. There are two main reasons a guitar goes out of tune: Friction and temperature. Either the string is slipping(not enough friction), binding (too much fiction), or the … Continue reading What Causes a Guitar To Go Out of Tune?

How Do I Get Better at Barre Chords?

When I hear aspiring guitar players complain about pain in their wrist and fingers from playing barre chords, I totally get it. I had a lot of dumb ideas about the guitar when I first started playing. I honestly believed that pain was a normal part of being a guitar player. It took more than … Continue reading How Do I Get Better at Barre Chords?