Do Pots Affect a Guitar’s Sound?

Usually when we don't like the way a guitar sounds, the first place we look is the pickups. After all, there are so many aftermarket pickups to choose from. They promise to make our guitars sound brighter, warmer, louder, or replicate the sound of a particular decade. The pickups translate the string vibration into electrical … Continue reading Do Pots Affect a Guitar’s Sound?

What is a Chord Progression?

Chords are the foundation of Western music. Words and melody don't become a song until there's harmony in the mix. That's what makes chordal instruments like guitar or piano such powerful tools for songwriters and composers. A chord progression is when any two or more chords are played in succession. The term often refers to … Continue reading What is a Chord Progression?

Are American-Made Electric Guitars Better?

A common argument on guitar forums all across the web revolves around American electric guitars. Are they really better than guitars made in other countries? Usually there are a few soapbox standers with a favorite Squier or Epiphone that proves Asian-made guitars are superior. The truth is that American guitars are better … but not … Continue reading Are American-Made Electric Guitars Better?

How Do You Practice Guitar With the Circle of Fifths?

The circle of fifths is a divisive subject for guitar players, particularly those who haven’t studied jazz or classical music. Depending on who you ask, it's either an indispensable tool for learning music or complete waste of time. I first learned about the circle of fifths when I took a music theory class in high … Continue reading How Do You Practice Guitar With the Circle of Fifths?

What Are the Four Chord Extensions?

Extended harmony takes all the fun of music and ruins it with a bunch of numbers. It's also very important because it reveals the hidden link between chords and scales. But all those numbers don't have to be confusing. Chords are built in thirds (playing every other note in the scale). The most basic chord … Continue reading What Are the Four Chord Extensions?